Fehler beim MOSS Update / MOSS Update fails

Encountering errors while updating your SharePoint or WSS 3.0 ?

Whenever the installation of a service pack or hotfix results in erros try to do the following steps:

  • restart your IIS
  • restart your sharepoint timer service
  • get to the command prompt and do
    • STSADM -o upgrade -inplace -forceupgrade -url http://appadress
    • repeat for all your web applications including central administration, SSP, MySites and whatever else you’ve got
    • ignore any error messages at the command prompt
  • restart your IIS and timer service once again
  • run psconfig -cmd upgrade -inplace b2b -wait -force
    • if this ends up in errors again then
      • run the sharepoint configuration wizzard from your start menu

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